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Don’t expect this to be a thin crispy pizza. The dough is a bread dough, to give you an idea, but it’s next to impossible to make the thin kind in a domestic oven, so this is a sort of rustic flatbread-pizza. If you don’t have a pizza stone (which makes the base a bit crisper), you can use a normal baking sheet, which you need to heat up as the oven preheats as you would a pizza stone. Put whatever toppings you like on – these are just what happened to be in the house – and serve with a big salad.

Tomato Sauce

4 cloves garlic

4 tbspns olive oil

2 tins tinned tomatoes

Heat the oil, add the garlic and gently fry until golden. Then toss in the tomatoes, reduce the heat to a simmer and leave for about 20 mins, lid on, stirring occasionally.


250g strong white bread flour

250g plain white flour

5g powdered dried yeast

10g salt

325ml warm water

About 1 tbsp olive oil

1 handful polenta for dusting

In a bowl, mix the flours, yeast, salt and water to form a sticky dough. Mix in the oil, then turn out on to a clean work surface and knead until smooth for about 10 mins.

Shape into a ball, and leave to rise in a clean bowl, covered with a damp tea towel, until doubled in size.

Preheat the oven and pizza stone/baking sheet as high as it will go. Punch the dough down, knead a few times and then roll out into a circle (or two for a pair of smaller pizzas) as thin as you can (it will rise in the oven). Sprinkle a rimless baking sheet with polenta and slide the base on.

Spread with the tomato sauce, cheese, and sprinkle with toppings. Slide onto the pizza stone/baking sheet in the oven.

Bake for 10-15 mins or until cooked.


Mozzarella (grated finely)

Roasted vegetables (aubergine, red onion, tomatoes, courgette, cooked in a baking dish for 25-30 mins at 180C, tossed in a couple of tbspns olive oil)

Chorizo (fry gently, and when cooked, brush the red oil over the pizza base before the tomato sauce)