My sister (the Ginger Yogi) made these the other day and they are utterly delicious. The recipe is one from an old old handwritten recipe notebook that was left in our house by someone and this donation may or may not have been deliberate. However, this recipe in particular has given us all great joy since we were tiny, since it’s really absurdly simple.


175g butter

75g sugar

175g self-raising flour

3 tspn cocoa powder

125g oats

Pinch salt

150g raisins

Melt butter and mix into dry ingredients. Bake in a slice tin for 15 mins at 180C.


150g butter

2 tbspns golden syrup

2 tspns cocoa powder

10 tbspns icing sugar

Stir together the ingredients on a low heat until smooth.

Pour onto slice while still warm.

Cut into slices once everything is cool.