So, here is the inaugural Lunch Box File. I want to be able to show other people how they can make their packed lunches more exciting than a marmite sandwich and a packet of crisps. I have a rota with my brother, the Hungry Dog, so that we make each other’s lunch every other packed lunch day, which has the added bonus that we don’t each have to each make lunch every evening. It’s a good way of pooling lunch ideas too, as already the Hungry Dog has discovered that chicken goes with more things than just avocado (I don’t like avocado). I think it’s always good to try and use up tasty things that get left over from dinner rather than starting from scratch all over again. Try to remember to make a little bit extra so that you can make a quick lunch out of the leftovers.

So yesterday I made amazing wraps for lunch. Look how amazing they are:

wraps unwrapped

I used flour tortillas, and first I put on a pile of torn rocket (if you tear it then you get better flavour) in a line down the centre of the wrap, leaving plenty of space on the sides for folding purposes. Then came some thinly sliced cucumber batons, and on top of that I put a little bit of brown rice which was left over from dinner. I mixed some chopped chives through the rice to add a bit of flavour. Then I topped that with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and a couple of torn up meatballs (left from dinner again). You could put a blob of nice tomato or mango chutney on top, although actually I just used tomato ketchup for these. By now my wraps were getting a bit full, so I left out the planned chopped cherry tomatoes. I think I would have done better with bigger wraps (mine were about 15-20cm in diameter) as they were a bit tricky to roll up.

You just have to tuck the bottom in under the sides and quickly put them into cling film, which actually meant they stayed together nicely in the end as I wrapped them quite tightly.